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DEBUT ALBUM coming in 2017

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Simon's picture By Michael Anthony Murphy


the cosmic band


Cosmic Simon is a project created by a singer songwriter who happens to write, record and produce his own music. The band is a collection of very talented musicians of different backgrounds but with a shared love for music.  The circumstances that brought them together differ but in the end it was the result of Simon's long quest to find very nice people that happen to be very good musicians. The band has been busy getting ready to play live shows and making some fun music videos and they are happy to report that they are indeed ready to make some noise. They will be performing a selection from Demockracy and Intergalacitc, Cosmic Simon's first records to be released this year. 


Demockracy is Simon's debut album. It speaks of stories of personal struggles, love, social justice, hope and optimism for a world of more tolerance, more understanding and peace. Intergalactic is an album that "could have probably been that second part of a double album but that deserved its own identity"

Vocals, Main Guitar, Piano & Keys / Cosmic Simon

Main Guitar & Cosmic Sounds / Gio Hernandez

Rhythm Guitar / Ricardo Villareal

Bass / Ben Trajtenberg

Piano, Keys & Sax / Ben Stock

Drums / Nir Attar

Band Pictures by cosmicphotographydc.com

Justice Nation

A song about Equality and Social Justice

Dear Love (Floating Out)


Everyone Else

All The Love

Dedicated to John Lennon, shot in Central Park, NY City

Need soundtrack

A short film by Michael Anthony Murphy Productions


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Rhode Island Porch Fest                        April 15                         3PM

Taste Of Vienna                                April 29                         5:15PM

Haydee's (Fundraiser Show for Venezuela)       June 20                          8:30PM

AUDIOTEKA FEST                                 July 14                          11PM

Smith Public Trust                             July 19                          8:30PM